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Hi everyone! I am Muki from Motherhouse Hong Kong.

Most people say “Japan is their Second Home”, I also agree! I am yearning to travel in Japan at least once a year. For the first time I went to Japan and was not going to the popular cities like Tokyo or Osaka but is Hokkaido- the NORTHEST place in Japan. Let me share my travel’s experience in Hokkaido by the following. GO!

1.Tomita Farm

Every late June is the starting time for the blooming of Lavender but due to the temperature change in every year it may make the blooming date of lavender get early or postone. If you would like to see a high density lavender field I suggest you can visit there in the mid or late July.
Tomita Farm-Lavender lover must go!
Tomita Farm are divided into different areas which are full of lavender. You can enjoy different feelings for sight seeing from eye-level or overlooking the entire lavender field on the hill. In addition, there are merchandise made with lavender characteristics such as Lavender flavor milk, Lavender flavor ice-cream and dried Lavender etc...

If you go into the lavender field, you probably can smell the unique odor . Therefore no matter whether you are seeing or smelling the lavender you can also get the happiness from it. I will never forget the emotion when I saw the lavender field on that day! How exciting and touching!!


I would like to recommend a place that you love for flower viewing and animal visiting at the same time which is called “Shikisai-no-oka". Shikisai-no-oka provides cutest animals and various kinds of flowers inside, you can also enjoy different scenery in each month from  April to October every year.

You have two ways for selecting how to visit the whole field in Shikisai-no-oka: By walking or taking the Norokko (tractor bus). This time, I took the Norokko with my friends. The driver stopped Norokko when we were arriving at a high density of bloomed flowers area, in order to let us capture the beautiful moment and memory. And it is the period of season change therefore I can only view a bit of seasonal flowers, which is a little regrettable.

(Each alpaca followed your step if they saw you had vegetables on your hand,so adorable!)

There are alpaca ranch near the entrance and you can buy vegetable packs to feed them. I love animals so much therefore I scheduled it in my stroke immediately after I knew I could have interaction with alpaca.I promise that this is an unforgettable memory.

( Alpaca's hair like the cloud is sleeping in the sky)
3. Shirogane Blue Pond
The final recommended attraction is “the place known as a must-visit in a lifetime-Shirogane Blue Pond” which is located at Biei,Kamikawa District. Please take JR and get off in Shirogane Blue Pond entrance or rent a car to visit there.

Shirogane Blue Pond is not only famous in Japan locally but also has high awareness internationally.Just because the well-known computer company uses Shirogane Blue Pond as their product’s wallpaper therefore it attracts people from worldwide to visit here. Have a warm reminder to all of you: the opening period of Shirogane Blue Pond from the beginning of Spring to November and it is not open to the public in Winter.

The color of water in Shirogane Blue Pond is blue because water contains a lot of aluminum and the reflection from the sky. Please select a sunny day to visit if you would like to see a gem-blue color pond. Otherwise, the water from Shirogane Blue Pond is like aurora, including different depths of blue.Thus, you will find that the color of the water is not the same at all due to the season, weather, time, climate and light etc..

And I knew this place is because of the computer's wallpaper from that famous company. It was cloudy on that day and we were not going there in the afternoon so it was a little bit disappointing.But eventually, the weather had changed, there was strong sunshine, we were really overjoyed and we took too many photos from different angles!

If there is a chance to go abroad in the coming year, I hope to enjoy the snow in Hokkaido, which will have a special experience!


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