Autumn Adventure|Toronto

Hello everyone,I’m Renee from Motherhouse HK!

Due to the Covid-19 we are not allowed to travel this year but we can look back at our travelling photos until the situation gets better. At this moment I would like to share my travel experience in Toronto with all of you !

(Backing Home from Tronoto Airport)

1.Niagara Falls

The first day I visited Niagara Falls which is the most famous and popular attractions of Canada,even on weekdays it still has many tourists go there for sightseeing.

(Even I am wearing raincoat but still get wet because of the amazing Niagara Falls)

I am not only watching the Niagara Falls by outside but also took the sightseeing boat in order to getting closer to feel it. It's really spectacular and exciting to watch the whole waterfall on the boat, and there is an advantage I visited it in Autumn. That is because
 the falls will be frozen when the temperature is low and you will miss the shocking scenery if you go in the Winter.

2.Skylon Tower

There is a tourist tower next to the waterfall which can overlook the entire pleasant view of waterfall . The Skylon tower is about 236 meters height. When you arrived the watchtower, it is windy and you can actually feel how high it is. I just told to my families it is to high, even I am not the height fear person. ( You will be shocked by the next photo! ) I just stepped out to the outdoor area, the entire view of Niagara Falls which is across Canada and the U.S. just in front of me! It is too worthy for coming here!The scenery from here is deterred me more than the sightseeing boat!

(the top view of Niagara Falls from Skylon Tower)

The waterfall separates these two places, but unfortunately I have not apply the United States visa in this time, otherwise it could go sightseeing in the United States too.

3.Maple Orchard Farm

When it comes to Canada, I have to mention maple syrup! I visited to the farm this time, and there was a gift shop inside the farm.You can buy some mini maple syrups as souvenirs! 

(biscuits and popcorn in Maple syrup flavor)

Most gift shops are selling products made of maple syrup,I can smell the maple syrup when I entered the door.I also bought different kinds of packaged maple syrup as a gift to my friends !

(Different kinds of maple syrup packaging)

Last but not least, hopes you can know more about Toronto's scenic spots after you read my sharing.

To be continued...


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