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Hi everyone. I am Vincent from Motherhouse Hong Kong.

I have a soft spot for Japan, just like most of the Hong Kong people therefore whenever i have a chance to travel for relaxing, Japan is my first choice! I knew all of you guys have numerous travel experiences in Japan but I believed that each experience was unique and interesting. Even though we can’t go abroad due to the epidemic, in this sharing I hope to relieve everyone’s nervousness and recommend a place for travelling. After you read this and if you like it, please BOOKMARK!
1.Kawachi Wisteria Garden

Mention of wisteria in Kyushu please don’t miss “Kawachi Wisteria Garden” .
‘Kawachi Wisteria Garden’ is located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka. The view of “Kawachi Wisteria Garden” is selected by CNN as one of “31 most beautiful places in Japan”. It attracts a large number of tourists to visit here every year,and I am one of them this year. HAHA

If you are thinking of going to Kawachi Wisteria Garden, just have a warm reminder to you.

Please plan to come here in late April to early May, because wisteria flowers are seasonally limited and not available throughout the year.

In addition, I also suggested that everyone come here please wear plain clothes,
it will be more matchable for the romantic flower scenery when taking pictures!

(Full of wisterias in the gardern’s outside)

Unfortunately, it was raining on the day before I went to Kawachi Wisteria Garden therefore so many wisterias were dropped into the ground but the beautiful view remained unchanged.

“The warm sunshine falls among the wisteria, making the light and shadow look like a fairyland." This was my current thinking.

2.Moji Port

Moji Port opened in 1889. At that time, there were not many ports open in Japan. Because of its geographical location, it became an international trading port, connecting Honshu, Kyushu, China and Europe by shipping. Therefore, there are Western-style buildings around it. Especially on the port side, there are British traditional style shops and decorations. In this place where commerce and culture meet, I think that even if buildings of different styles appear, it is not peculiar at all and finally be a local sightseeing spot.


        (Mojiko Retro in Kyushu) 

3. Karato Market

Karato Market is located next to Karato Port in Shimonoseki. It is known as “Closed Kitchen”. It sells fish on the first floor and provides a cafeteria on the second floor.
The most worth visiting date is on Friday to Sunday in the morning until 3 o’clock. The stalls on the first floor are selling sashimi, sushi, seafood don, fried food, etc. There are a variety of products, my sight was difficult to stay in one.


Karato Market not only sells some common fish like Salmon, Tulu etc… but also is a Puffer fish market. As all we know, puffer fish contains toxins which may cause discomfort after eating it if handled improperly.However you not only can taste the umami taste of puffer fish but also can experience cutting skills from the chef.

(In order to enjoy delicious food, there is a crowded flow for purchasing fresh ingredients.)

(High CP value sushi, the price is cheaper than others.)

Looking back on this journey, the thought of travelling is built. I miss the local scenery, culture, and food...

Hope the epidemic can end as soon as possible, and everyone can travel again!

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