Elephant Hospital |Chiang Mai

Hi, this is Hiroko, originally from Tokyo, Japan. And working in Hong Kong since 2010.I would like to share the travel experience with you specially for families with young kids.

Look up the map, where is the place for young children to enjoy holidays?

  • Less than 3 hours flight from Hong Kong
  • Child friendly place
  • Run away from high concrete building 

Our destination was Chiang Mai in 2019 December. 

Family of 5 including 3 young children visited Thai Elephant Conservation Center. This is an elephant hospital and training school. If a child is old enough to swim, can enjoy elephant baths together. I could not take a photo, because an elephant was injured and looked sad. But my children could learn many things from this Center.

Don’t miss to buy souvenirs! We bought an elephant T-Shirt. It is cute and the money will be spent for an elephant hospital.

In this Conservation Center, we learn how humans and animals live together and why we have to respect animals!Most of the guests in this Conservation Center are Primary school students in Thailand. So you also can see how Thai people love elephants and how Thai teachers teach students. It was a very lovely moment!


They have a website in Thai language version only. Let's use Google translate!

Art in Paradise, 3D Art Museum


My children are not interested in old temples. So we visited Art in Paradise after Elephant hospital. To be honest it was more fun than we expected.



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